Create Web Dynpro Component in the Transaction Code “SE80”

Then give the Information and click enter as shown below.




Save it as local object.


 Then you can see Web Dynpro screen as below. Pay attention to the red areas.







Create “Node” as shown below.


Then give the Information and click “Add Attributes from Structure” as shown below.


Select all and click enter.


Then you can see Main View screen as below. Pay attention to the “Singleton” and “Supply function” areas.


Right click the “ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER” and Insert Element.


Right click the “TABLE_SFLIGHT” and Create Binding.


Click “Context”






Select “SFLIGHT_NODE” and continue.



You can see screen as below.







Select “Caption” and change text on Property Screen.



Switch display mode. And Activate your Web Dynpro Component.






Open WDDOINIT Method.






Click “Web Dynpro Code Wizard”.


Select “Set” and “As Table Operation” then click Context button.




Select “SFLIGHT_NODE”  and continue.





Enter the below code. And activate.


Create “Web Dynpro Application” for test. Then Save as local object.


Now you have Web Dynpro Application. Time to test.





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